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Single Yellow Lines 2016 - present

Single Yellow Lines is an interdisciplinary project investigating the characteristics of singular painted gestures.


Can single painted gestures tell us anything about individual moments of creativity? This project invites people to paint single lines - both controlled and expressive - in artistic, public and experimental contexts.


Single Yellow Lines is exploring and recording moments of painterly action in a series of creative environments. Around 500 people have been invited to paint single yellow lines; as part of an art activity at Rare Dementia Support Groups, in one-on-one conversations with artists, scientists, people with dementia and carers, and at public talks and events. The project has been further adapted as part of the “Am I the right way up?” Study investigating balance, movement and perceived verticality for people with Posterior Cortical Atrophy - an atypical form of Alzheimer’s disease which predominantly affects visual and spatial perception.
Further artistic experiments using virtual reality and data-as-sound are currently being explored. The project aims to highlight the individuality and complexity contained in a single gesture, whilst also developing innovative techniques and situations for recording, analysing, interpreting and storing artistic and scientific data.

This project has been funded by the Created Out of Mind residency at Wellcome Collection, London and UCL.

The project will be touring throughout 2019, funded by a Wellcome Public Engagement grant. For further information, exhibitions and screenings, please contact us

Touring information can be found here

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