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Sandman Mattresses is an installation, sculptural exhibition and online mediation created by Teal Griffin and Charles Robert Harrison based (loosely) on mythology surrounding the Sandman. The installation takes the form of a mattress showroom & shopfront and is the culmination of conversations and collaborative making over the last two years.

The project has felt primarily like an excuse to work together as we felt there were interesting crossovers between our work. The initial idea started as an informal conversation on the front seat of the top deck of a double decker bus after getting lost and jumping on trampolines. We have been meeting, talking and working together on the project since then.

Crappy Realism is a term first (or most recently) used by artist Rosa Doornenbal to describe a current tendency for artwork which is highly realistic and recognisable in form, but the construction uses crappy materials, techniques or effects.

A bit old and tired. Sweat stained, but not to the extent of disgust. Pretty comforting at the end of the day.

A range of things, from the world's most breathable pillow to a fully automated office.

The best (and worst) dreams always start with sleep.

Please contact us with your enquiry

Partly because the space was available, but it does fit in quite well and the surroundings have certainly influences the design of the installation.

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