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ACE Developing Your Creative Practice - Supporting Imagery & Information

Please find below some imagery and information in support of my Developing Your Creative Practice application. The proposed work would seek to expand on my knowledge of filmmaking techniques and especially in the use of 16mm equipment. The primary theme and location for this work would be Lincolnshire and the fens - I am interested in the area of the fens which was historically reclaimed from the sea. I want to understand the history of water management in this environment and those who have lived and continue to live here.

The below work details some initial exploration of these techniques and themes, including previous experience of filmmaking, working with landscape imagery in Scotland, and people living with rare dementias.


Further information is given about projects which have explored water management systems, the land and materials of the fens, and relationships between human and non-human systems.

I have also included some links to relevant information about important sites, archives, centres of knowledge and cultural context for the proposed development work.

LINCS 2020
 Experiments with clay-making, pottery and painting.
Experience with Filmmaking

the 'Neva' is a multichannel video installation about dementia, narration and the landscapes of a test.

Are the voices of people with dementia diminished by cognitive testing materials? This film demonstrates individual capacities for expression through narration whilst exploring creative, historical and aesthetic qualities hidden in a scientific test of reading.


Featuring 6 narrators who encounter a range of challenges with reading; from perceiving letters and words, to speaking them aloud or understanding their meaning, the film aims to highlight retained strengths for communication through bodily gesture, facial intonation and the playful drive to express oneself. The short passage that is narrated in the film is commonly used by neurologists when assessing reading abilities, and it was devised by Prof Elizabeth K Warrington as part of the Queens Square Screening Test for Cognitive Defects. The text includes details from Prof. Warrington’s own personal history and the film creatively explores these names, places and objects in association with the narrations.

This project has been funded by the Created Out of Mind residency at Wellcome Collection, London and UCL.

The film will be toured around the UK throughout 2019, funded by a Wellcome Public Engagement grant. Installation & touring documentation can be found here

Preliminary work related to themes in the DYCP application
Water Storage 2019-present
Diagrammatic drawings & paintings based on water management systems
LINCS 2020
 Experiments with clay-making and pottery, using soil from agricultural field.