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Anonymous quotations about testing, taken from touring events and one to one conversations


Clinician - “You collude with where they (individuals and family) want to be.”


PLWD – “why repeat the tests so many times!?”


PLWD – “I was there for 3 hours and I hated it.”


Carer – “I didn’t feel listened to as part of the diagnostic process”


Carer – “The carer is always right”


Carer – “Just getting to the point of testing can be difficult - GP’s can be the enemy”


Carer – “Forcing something makes you want to do it less.”


Carer – “Services seem to only be provided when things are at their worst”


PLWD – “I was told to stop driving out of the blue!”


PLWD – “These days people are employed based of how they score rather than who they are”


PLWD – “the MMSE is useless!”


PLWD – “How do you measure distraction?”


PLWD – “Everybody is different. Testing doesn’t seem to reflect this.”


Health Expert – “Make sure you leave a little extra time, so things aren’t rushed.”


Carer – “The test was done at our family home in relaxed surroundings. It made a difference.”


Clinician – “…testing should be implicit and not explicit questions that tap into someone’s real-world difficulties while they are living their normal life.”


Carer – “I very much remember the way it (testing) was carried out left a lasting impression on me… there was no talking-over but engagement. Afterwards they also engaged in conversation over what the results showed, and their time was our time.”

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